Keep it in the family!

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Johnny Chia – MonaVie Top Earner It’s been a minute since I talked about the MonaVie MLM business. I believe the last time was when I wrote about Charlie & Debbie Kalb. Now I have a new top MLM earner from MonaVie by the name of Johnny Chia. Not only does he earn $95,000.00 a … [Read more…]

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From Communism to Commissions

flp scams

Katrin Bajri – FLP Top Earner Katrin Bajri is one of the most successful MLM distributors in Europe. I can believe it, since she makes a residual income of $95,000.00. This millionaire entrepreneur is right up there with other top MLM earners from FLP, like Rolf Kipp. Katrin was born in the eastern part of … [Read more…]

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A Chance to Win $1.5 BILLION I have decided that, in light of the BIG POWERBALL that we have right now, I am going to SHARE THE LOVE!! What does that mean, you may ask? Well, exactly that! I bought a powerball lottery ticket and I will have 2 opportunities to win. My numbers will … [Read more…]

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Continue to Give Back

is advocare a scam

Joe & Gloria Hadachek – AdvoCare Top Earners Joe and Gloria Hadachek are a couple of AdvoCare Top Earners with this MLM business that they have called home. They reside in Dysart, Iowa and we are gong to have a little looksy into their lives.   Who is Joe and Gloria Hadachek? The first thing … [Read more…]

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Construction Worker Drives a Lamborghini!

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Chavich Kim – Unicity Top Earner  From Thailand, Chavich Kim is one of the most-skilled top MLM earners in the industry today. He is a millionaire entrepreneur, and he earns around $95,000.00 per month in residual income with Unicity network marketing business. He is also the company’s 1st Triple Diamond Presidential Director. Chavich is a … [Read more…]

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Fatih Yazici

megaholdings reviews

Fatih Yazici – MegaHoldings Top Earner In my earlier blog posts, I have written about Mega Holdings consultant Enes Olgun being a MLM top earner. Well, I am going to introduce you to another Mega Star with Mega Holdings, Fatih Yazici. This millionaire entrepreneur, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, earns $100,000.00 a month in residual … [Read more…]

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Get the Wife On Board Already!

Craig & Chelsea Kotter – ACN Top Earners Before Craig Kotter began with ACN, he was looking for something that he could do for himself, but he had absolutely no idea in what direction he should go. He was in college, and he wasn’t happy. Craig wanted to be a business owner. So, when a friend … [Read more…]

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Like Father, Like Son!

can I make money with job killing

Brad Alkazin – Vemma Top Earner  One thing you can say about Brad Alkazin is that he was born into MLM. His parents are Tom & Bethany Alkazin, top MLM earners with Amway and Vemma. How good are Tom & Bethany you ask? Well, they are Vemma top earners at $400,000.00 per month. They are … [Read more…]

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